“The universe is made of storiesnot of atoms.”                           

Ido portal - just move 

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

A fucked up hero's journey fuelled by psychedelics and hallucinogen software!

m is for melon (shortfilm - 2014) NSFW!!

"A transgessor view about the phalo-oriented contemporary sexuality"


A tale from the astral plane.


Why make a film about the worst human on earth?

LA CARE CRUDA - (Cinematography)

Horror shortfilm directed by Samuel Lema based on the case of the Rottenbourg cannibal.


Series of films where I captured the vibe around electronic parties in London. I filmed some of the best electronic music artist worlwide such as Extrawelt, Rone, Max Cooper, Gui Boratto, Oliver Huntemann...



London Real es una agencia de new media con el foco en ideas y personas que cambian el mundo.
Mi labor aquí es tanto creativa como técnica, llevando las riendas de la personalidad y estética de todo el proyecto así como la capacidad de pensar nuevos formatos.

Tenemos una fuerte base de usuarios que cada semana se unen a nuestro contenido. Nuestros videos son vistos por millones de personas cada mes, y somos uno de los canales como mayor crecimiento en Youtube.

El show incluye largas conversaciones con personalidades como Chris Hatfield, Wim-Hof (The Iceman), Eddie Izzard... Eventos, Documentales, Reportajes, Montages , Vlogs...  

London Real is a new media agency with the focus on the ideas and people that change the world.
My work here is as well creative as technical, taking over the personality and aesthetics of the project.

We have an strong audience worldwide that tune into our content every week. Our videos has been watched by millions of people and we are one of the most fast-growing channels in Youtube.

Our show include long form conversations with guest such as Chris Hatfield, Wim-Hof (The Iceman), Eddie Izzard... Events, Documentaries, Reports, Montages, Vlogs...